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(Lejen) Abbie Intang | Badang Gunung Kinabalu

1. You probably must have had seen this photo many times before. But…let me tell you, a little bit about the porter.

2. His name is Abbie Intang, a Moslem Dusun from Kampong Pinosuk, Kundasang. When this photo was taken in 2005, he was 48. But this 600 liters water tank wasn’t the only thing he hustled to Laban Rata along the 6km Summit Trail. This blue empty water tank is only 33kg and it took him about 6 hours, starting 7.30am at Timpohon Gate and arriving Laban Rata about 1.30pm. There were heavier or bigger loads he ‘ported’ up the trail, before and after this.

3. Before this, he delivered a laundry dryer, a washing machine and a r efrigerator. After this water tank, he delivered 2 loaded cooking gas tanks with a total weight about 64 kg. On the same trip. Continue reading

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